I had no particular reason for entrepreneurship,other than wanting to do what I liked to do. Around 17 years back I decided to start a business on my own. Until I turned 27 I felt happy in trying to change the world. I engaged in exciting voluntary activities, the seeds of which were sown when I was in college.

I was actively involved in student politics and became close with social workers. I worked with them for five years over issues such as child labor and tribal welfare. After this, I moved myself in political journalism and became a writer on issues like globalization and related social issues.

During that phase I was formally engaged in education at Pune University and somehow topped my post graduation class in sociology. It gradually revealed upon me after 5 years that one needs to compromise on their core values, because you may not agree with the several “isms” which are predetermined values.

I was also feeling that on I am not making a difference in the in the world. I thought of starting a small business and set it up in the recruitment sector of which I had no previous background. I only learnt this business once I entered this field and set up my own venture.

I broke even in the third month of the business. That kept me going while my business had reached decent growth levels.I feel really fortunate and gifted to have started business in the age of internet. It was Google where I learnt everything about my business. Right from the scratch to the significant details of this trade, I learnt it all online. I do not have any education in computers nor do I have any computer courses as my credentials.



I implemented what I learnt from my business on a daily basis. I had always worked for 15 to 17 hours every day. During this the majority of my time was spent on learning and reading books. It was quite a collection which I recently donated to create some room in my house.

In “Kindle e-Reader” I found my best option and as per the opinion of my beloved wife, it is my second wife. I have tried several things during my entrepreneurship. I enjoyed some and I suffered through some. Sometimes I was on the edge of being broke and being the subject of ridicule.,

I kept going as I did not want to quit and because I did not have any other choice. My mother, wife, a few loyal clients, business associates, friends, and acquaintances supported me during all those hard times. I have entered the digital marketing space few years back because I realized its future and having implemented most of the approaches to digital marketing in my business, I knew about it as well.


To get new leads for my clients is what excites me.  I feel my day is completed when I am happy with the leads generated for my clients.

You can only generate more business if you have enough leads. Isn’t it?