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January 18, 2019

Job Genius Recruitment Bot- First Recruitment AI Bot on Google assistant

We are happy to announce that Job Genius recruitment bot is the first conversational recruitment chatbot launched to help the recruiters on ‘Google assistant’ (AI based Virtual Assistant platform).

The launch of this product will help not only recruiters but candidates as well by enhancing better communication between them. Perfect People Search has developed ‘Job Genius’ recruitment bot in association with bizAmica Software. And with its unique set of modern features, this recruitment bot is well set its mark in the industry.

Why Chatbots for recruitment?
Technology trends are often found changing. And what leads to such changes? The need and challenges faced by the organizations. Keeping in view, new technological developments and innovations always bring a revolution in the world of industry. Only those companies succeed which are quick to adopt such latest trends. One such trend is that automation of repetitive tasks using Artificial Intelligence and the use of chat conversational bots is one of the effective solution based on AI technolo

Job Genius recruitment bot, a voice and chatbot to help recruiters to identify and shortlist candidates. Whether it is campus placements or walk-ins, candidates apply in masses. Thus, often the recruitment process becomes long and hectic. Sometimes the right person in the right place and at the right time is not found. Which leads to energy and resource wastage. Many times the suitable candidates are not found due to the shortage of time. Job Genius recruitment Bot proves to be a complete solution to overcome all such problems encountered by the recruiters in the early stages of the selection process.

Google Assistant is becoming the default AI platform for chatbots:
Google assistant is a widely used AI based virtual assistant platform. Its convenience to use make it a user-friendly mobile app on android as well as iOS.  This innovative bot will help the recruiters by initiating two-way communication between them and the candidates. From the collection of relevant information to the scheduling of an interview, this bot will do it all. It will serve as a competent virtual personal assistant to the recruiters.

Our recruitment bot can help recruiters by collecting and managing candidates’ information. For hundreds of candidates appearing for the interview, it becomes difficult for the recruiters to manage the database. It can also perform the basic screening and ranking process by asking questions to the candidates. It will make the selection process quick and easy by sending only the shortlisted candidates to an actual human recruiter. It will also make the selection process interesting for the recruiters by cutting out repetitive activities.

How to check the live demo of Job Genius on Google Assistant:

Steps to check the live demo:-

1. Firstly get the Google Assistant access on your Android phone.

2. To check the live demo, type TEXT or VOICE command – Speak to Job Genius or Talk to Job Genius.

You can also access this  direct Bot hyperlink from your Google Assistant enabled Mobile.

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July 31, 2017

3 Strong Reasons to follow-up Linkedin Leads outside LinkedIn mailing

There are some changes in the functions of LinkedIn that you need to know and make changes in your LinkedIn lead generation strategy.

Currently, LinkedIn messages lack a subject line. This eliminates the subjectivity that you can show through a LinkedIn message. With subject lines, you can clearly communicate your intent to the receiver of your message. The punch delivered by the subject forces an individual to read your complete message, in a particular context.

Normal email service providers always focus on offering specific subject lines. This ensures that the email receiver is aware of the message that is being delivered on a subjective/personal level of understanding. The new message system of LinkedIn, thus, makes it difficult to create individuality or uniqueness and always get responses from probable leads.

This situation means that individuals may find the LinkedIn messages to be dry and without interactivity. This, in turn, means that they usually choose to view the messages at a later date, when they are free. Following a LinkedIn message with a personal email eliminates this problem.

Message Display

Incomplete message display in LinkedIn deserves mention for people looking for business leads. You only get to see part of the message when it is received on your device. Many leads may believe that the message is not that important and simply ignore the message if they are in a hurry.

Many of your LinkedIn email messages may go to waste as most of your contacts will simply choose to ignore them. The current display means that only a highly motivated individual will go ahead to read the full message. It reduces the number of people who will respond to your important LinkedIn emails.

Following the messages up with a dedicated emailing system ensures that you can solidify your business leads and secure new contacts.

Advantages of Direct Mailing

There are several advantages of using a direct mailing method. Popular email services are available on mobiles as well and provide you with a subject line. This ensures that you can add subjectivity to your messages and receive the relevant responses.

People are also tempted to reply to emails that have an interesting title and well-crafted content. This means that direct mailing is the way to go if you are looking to get responses from leads.

Using Automated Responders

One way of contacting a large number of leads is to use automatic responders, such as Rebump or Woodpecker. These software tools can carefully manage the responses and remove people who have already responded.

You do not get registered as a spam email sender either because you can send only 200-250 emails per day that is below the radar of email spam detection filters and can continue to contact new business leads by using email messages.

Email messaging, when followed by a LinkedIn message, is truly the ideal way to get organized responses from leads.

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February 22, 2019

10 Things to Remember before going for an Interview

10 Things to Remember before going for an Interview


It is very common to become anxious before going for an interview. Remember below 10 things to overcome the anxiety.




Check out the live demo of Job Genius on Google Assistant:

Steps to check the live demo:-

1. Firstly get the Google Assistant access on your Android phone.

2. To check the live demo, type TEXT or VOICE command – Speak to Job Genius or Talk to Job Genius.

You can also access this direct Bot hyperlink from your Google Assistant enabled Mobile.

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February 08, 2019

Building LinkedIn Connections with your Colleagues, Juniors & Boss – A Right Strategy for Long-Term Career

Building LinkedIn Connections with your Colleagues, Juniors & Boss

– A Right Strategy for Long-Term Career




Why Building Linkedin Connections with your colleagues, juniors & boss is the right strategy for Long-Term Career?


When you work in the corporate world, it becomes important to maintain contacts with the right people, in addition to being competent and capable in your job.

Getting good friends at your working is a place is the best thing to happen to you. Those good people even can turn into friends for life, and some of them will just remain acquaintances.

It is essential to stay friends and connect with them on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn helps to build contacts with your colleagues, seniors, and subordinates. While switching jobs, recommendations from such people can be helpful to boost your profile. They may move ahead in their career, and go to other companies at a higher post.

You should keep in touch with them on LinkedIn regularly, so you can ask for a reference or introduction in their company or their friend’s company during your future job search or even when you become an entrepreneur.


Check out the live demo of our Job Genius on Google Assistant:

Steps to check the live demo:-

1. Firstly get the Google Assistant access on your Android phone.

2. To check the live demo, type TEXT or VOICE command – Speak to Job Genius or Talk to Job Genius.

You can also access this direct Bot hyperlink from your Google Assistant enabled Mobile.

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February 01, 2019

20 Essential Skills You Need On Your Resume to Get Hired

20 Essential Skills You Need On Your Resume to Get Hired


Preparing for a Job interview? Make sure your resume follows below essential 20 skills to get hired.




How to check the live demo of Job Genius on Google Assistant:

Steps to check the live demo:-

1. Firstly get the Google Assistant access on your Android phone.

2. To check the live demo, type TEXT or VOICE command – Speak to Job Genius or Talk to Job Genius.

You can also access this direct Bot hyperlink from your Google Assistant enabled Mobile.

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January 25, 2019

How to answer ‘What do you do?’ – Impress Self & not Others

How to answer ‘What do you do?’


how to answer what do yo do in an interview


When you get asked “What do you do” question does your heart race a little bit, do you start to think about how do I describe ‘what I do’ that sounds impressive?. We’re human beings we want to impress other individuals.


The successful people never cared, how they answer ‘What Do You Do’ question, they could care less whether or not you are impressed with what they do for work. You know why? Because they’re only in focused on impressing the one person that matters most and that’s ‘Themselves’.


Impress Self and not others and figure out what matters most to you in life.

1. Figure out what skills you love to use how do you love to create value.
2. Find problems bigger than yourself where you can use those skills.


You then no longer need to impress anyone with your career, in fact, if you’re gonna make some difference on this earth, and find success, and satisfaction- you have to start thinking about how you can impress yourself so when asked the question- ‘what do you do?’ you can say something that makes you happy!


Check out the live demo of Job Genius on Google Assistant:

Steps to check the live demo:-

1. Firstly get the Google Assistant access on your Android phone.

2. To check the live demo, type TEXT or VOICE command – Speak to Job Genius or Talk to Job Genius.

You can also access this direct Bot hyperlink from your Google Assistant enabled Mobile.

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January 10, 2019

Data Science: ‘Bright Future’ for the next few decades

Data Science is an interdisciplinary stream of study that deals with the processes and systems, which are used in order to extract information and insights from the huge amount of data and this extracted data, can be structured or unstructured. The Data Science is the perpetuation of data analysis fields such as data mining, predictive analysis, statistics.

Why such a hype about Data Science?

The Data Science has come over a long way from past few years and is the integral part of understanding the functioning of many industries. Below are the reasons that state why Data Science is and will remain an integral part of the economy and culture of the global world in coming decades.

· Customers are the “make and break” factor of any brand and play a great role in success and failure of a brand, thus the Data Science helps in understanding the customers in a much-enhanced way and empowered manner.

· It allows the brand to share their experience and story in an engaging manner that connects with their target audience thereby creating a healthy relationship between you and customer.

· The findings and results of Data Science can be applied to any sector such as education, travel, healthcare, and others.

·The Big Data helps the organization and brands to solve the complex IT problems, to handle resource management in a strategic and effective manner.

·The Data Science is applied in almost all sectors and stresses on the need for utilizing the data in a proper manner, which can either address the success or failure to the brand.

The Data Science today, is taking on a prime role in functioning, enhancing and growth of brands and organizations. So, therefore, being a Data Scientist is a prime position that holds the responsibility of managing data and providing the solutions to the problems both inside-out of the organization.

So, what is the scope for career advancement when an individual opts Data Science as a career?

Is it a good Career Choice?

According to the research the Data Science is considered to be among the high-paid professions. The Data Science is scorching hot in the market and the Data Scientist dons many hats in the workplace. The salary of package range of lead Data Scientist to the Big Data Scientist can be a ballpark range of $108,000 to $127,000 and the figures show the high demand of the Data Scientists in the market.

But the road to becoming a Data Scientist isn’t easy, not everyone has the aptitude required to make a career in Data Science. Some of the basic skills required to become a Data scientist can be categorized into technical skills and non-technical skills.

Under technical skills the candidate must know Python coding, SQL / Database coding, Machine learning and AI, Data visualization and have basic knowledge of Hadoop Platform, while the non-technical skills required are communication skills, intellectual curiosity, team work and business acumen.


The Data Science is the new bright future career trend with a lot of advancement scope. So, if you are interested making a career in Data Science just hop on it without hesitation you got a lot of career opportunities out there.

About Author

Sagar C

An Authorpreneur | Content Strategist | Content Writer | Word Artist with a proven track record of editorial innovation across the platform, I have worked with Brands to build audiences and drive profitability. Recognized for my Creative Vision, Talent of Storytelling, Expertise in Technology, Travel, Lifestyle, and Leadership skill.

An Individual Optimist and Most Importantly who believes in Being Human!

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June 25, 2018

My 266 days journey from Sugar Crazy to Sugar hater!

Today, it is my ‘No sugar’ 266th day with 87% score on Habits (a mobile app that helps you track your habits), screen-shot attached as a proof!

Here is the story of how I became ‘Sugar Hater’?

Sweets are the biggest part of your diet while growing up in any typical Indian home and you are fed extra sweets if you are the only male child. It was sweets, sweets, and more sweets till nine months back that was not helping to reduce weight and control sugar for last many years.

I always reminisce upon my glory days of the college of ‘fit as a fiddle’ and NCC days though I was also not totally couch-potato for last 15 years.

I was kind of 2-3 days in a week of badminton, walk, but it was not helping much to reduce weight, and in fact, my weight increased more after the sad demise of my mother in 2012, and also due to other life and business pressures because you end up eating more during such troublesome periods.

I was always worried during this bad phase of life about my health as it is linked to the safety and well-being of my family.

I kept reading books and found some excellent health and diet books on Kindle that I read for few months. Kindle e-book reader has a significant advantage of giving you access to the books that may not be available in the book-stores in the city or the country.

I read one book on diet and health (approximately 275 days before ) that talked about the havoc sugar causes to our body and long-term dangers of the sugar on your vital organs. It scared me a lot will be an understatement; it started giving me nightmares, I wanted to take some action, and one day that now can be called a historic day in my life, I made a decision that I will stop all types of sugars including tea. Imagine, tea without sugar is the biggest sacrifice one can make when you are used to drinking four cups of tea and additional one or two coffee cups while managing to work for 15 hours. Fruits are still the parts of the diet.

It took tremendous determination, discipline, and mind-control to learn to drink tea without sugar and say ‘No’ to each sweet dish offered to you.

How has that helped me?

I lost 11 kgs of body weight, blood sugar levels are healthy, and cholesterol is under control. I feel more energetic and experience extra sprint in my legs due to renewed energy levels and reduced weight. It also feels like you are de-addicted from drugs!

Habits (mobile app) helped me to keep the record, and I was determined to achieve 100% score, that I maintained till April 2018 but later relaxed a bit to eat the small portion of sweets on some occasions like family birthdays, my son getting decent grades in the school. I desisted binge eating because I had guilt feel that by eating sweets I am doing some crime.

Right now, I am confident that I can never eat sweets in my whole life like before and one can only feed sweets to me as a punishment. I am aware that it may not make me disease free because life is unpredictable and anything can happen.

One of my friends got motivated by my example and stopped eating sugar, and he claims to have lost four kgs in last few months.

Would like to join my journey towards ‘Sugar-Free’ life? You are welcome!

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January 23, 2018

Never Fudge Your Resumé

Have you ever had this happen to you? 

You came across a job posting, one you think you would love. Your education, work experience, even your volunteer work is right for the job.

But there is only one little problem: you don’t exactly meet all the requirements the employer seeks.

It’s a small problem, you’d tell yourself, and you’d think; It would be so much easier if the little problem could just go away.

So, you embellish your resumé a bit, adding in some details the job requires that you don’t have.

Well, you are not alone.

We’ve all been tempted to embellish our resumes to land a job at a point in our lives.

It is easy to quickly come up with a list of excuses for why we had to do what we did. After all, other job seekers do it.

One of the best lessons in life we can learn is never to do what others are doing without thinking about it first.

In reality, embellishing your resume not only hurts your employer, but it also hurts you too.

Facts are just… Facts.

Although you may think it is harmless to include a certification you never had to your resume or stretch the truth about your previous job duties, the bottom line is that these facts can be vetted.

Many employers request for documented proof of degrees and certifications earned, and they are also likely to inquire with your past employers to confirm your work experience.

A simple online search can also show that you’ve stretched the truth a little bit and that’s all it takes for your potential employers to lose faith in you.

Remaining honest even when no one is looking could be the only thing that would land you your dream job.


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subject lines like a pro
January 17, 2018

How to Write Catchy Titles Like a Pro

It’s one thing to write an email title, but it’s another thing to get it read.

A great email title shouldn’t just sit in the inbox. It is expected to jump right off and grab the attention of its readers, forcefully. Meanwhile, an average email title just sits there and gets skipped over.

The question now becomes; how do you write an email title that can get your readers engaged?

Here are a few tips that work.

Make Use of Actionable and Powerful Words

The more vibrant and energized a title appears to its readers, the more it’s going to be clicked on. For instance, If the title of this article had said something bland as “A good title is expected to catch attention,” you wouldn’t be reading this article, would you? Catchphrases like “jump right off, “like a pro” are a few examples of words you should be using.

With more experience as a copywriter, you will get more ideas on dynamic and powerful words that will spice up your reader’s interest and get them to click on your email title.

Write Something Both Surprising and Shocking

If your title is predictable, it’s boring. Shock your readers with a title that will heighten their curiosity to know what your content is all about.

Here are a few examples:


Example: “How to lose weight quickly.”

Better: “How I Lost 23lbs by Eating More Cheese.”

* Finance

Example: Is Microsoft a Good Buy?

Better: The Only Time You’ll Lose Your Shirt on Microsoft is …

* Relationships

Example: How to Get a Girlfriend

Better: What Sandy (my date) Told Mary After I Left

These examples are known to invoke interest. They leave unanswered questions and hint at an interesting article.

Leave a Suggestive Benefit in the Title

Write a title that will tell your readers what your email is about at first glance. Most email writers often make this mistake. They write shocking and controversial titles that don’t convey any benefit or the idea of what the email content is about. Without a doubt, shocking titles are known to grab attention, but your readers will most likely skip your email because there’s no clear benefit.

You can state this benefit clearly or subliminally in your title. The idea is to give your target audience the sense that what they are about to read is going to improve their lives greatly.

Do Things Differently and Better Than Your Competitors

The first step to being different and better than your competitors is to spy on them. Subscribe to your competitor’s email lists. You can use your personal email for this.

Setting yourself apart from your competitors is very important. Always be different. Don’t sound like your competitors, spy on them and use a different keyword and angle from what they’re saying.

They’re your competition. Sure, you probably sell the same products that offer the same benefits, but it’s not enough to start sounding like your competition. Find out the things they’re not saying about their products and start saying them.

Learning to differentiate yourself by using shocking catchphrases in your subject lines or titles, implying a benefit and applying actionable words will go a long way to improve your open rates.

About me: I offer a profitable approach to generating leads, so without spending too much, you get an amazing return on your investment.

Why should you waste your resources, efforts and time in looking for potential customers, when they are already trying to find you out?

I really want to hear from you – send me a message and I’ll get back to you soon about what I can do for you, and how we can work together to achieve your goals.

Call me: 91-(0)-9975767607

Skype: rakesh.ghumatkar


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December 04, 2017

Success Tip: 5 Ways to Write A Better Cold Email

Cold email marketing is still a relevant and successful method of approaching potential customers who do not know you but if you want your clients, read and respond to your cold email, these sure tips that we have collected will help you achieve the cold email marketing success.

1.     Keep it Short

Remember, you are emailing to prospective clients who are not yet loyal to your cause. You need to keep the email short and make it focused on only what is on offer and its relevance to the person that you are targeting. Remember, not all your services may be relevant, and therefore, the focus of the email should always remain on how your business can help the email receiver on improving their own business or personal efforts.

2.     No Templates

People find it frustrating to receive emails that have been drafted in general templates and sent to hundreds, and sometimes thousands of email addresses. Make sure that you are customizing every email, even if you have to employ a particular template for showing off your products and services.

You should always add the title of the receiver as well as addressing them on a personal level. This will avoid the stigma that the receiver feels regarding receiving a mass generated email. You should also entice the target to perform an interactive activity by offering bonuses and benefits for replying back or acting as per the terms of the delivered message.

3.     Target the Customer

You may have an agenda going on in your organization that you want to share in the emails, but always make sure that your cold marketing emails are directed towards the needs of the customer. Make sure the language of the email is clear and calls out to the receiver about the possible benefits to be had by collaborating with you or trying out a particular service designed for their benefit.

4.     Show That You are the Leader

You can improve your cold email marketing by including references in the content that show your relevance in a particular industry. Make sure that the recipient understands that you are already working to improve similar situations and have already achieved a vertical breakthrough with similar clients.

It is also essential to show that you are a market leader or a top service provider in your field. You may share the details of your most successful work and provide intricate details of how you can provide additional benefits to the recipient and make them successful at what they do.

5.     Strong Subject

Cold email marketing often depends on the first line of your message, which is the subject line. Your subject should appeal to the recipient, but it should never oversell your service or product. Your subject should also be under fifty characters and ideally contain six to eight words. This will allow the recipients to fully go through the subject and understand what is on offer.

These tips will surely help you perform the best cold email marketing.

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