Building LinkedIn Connections with your Colleagues, Juniors & Boss

– A Right Strategy for Long-Term Career




Why Building Linkedin Connections with your colleagues, juniors & boss is the right strategy for Long-Term Career?


When you work in the corporate world, it becomes important to maintain contacts with the right people, in addition to being competent and capable in your job.

Getting good friends at your working is a place is the best thing to happen to you. Those good people even can turn into friends for life, and some of them will just remain acquaintances.

It is essential to stay friends and connect with them on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn helps to build contacts with your colleagues, seniors, and subordinates. While switching jobs, recommendations from such people can be helpful to boost your profile. They may move ahead in their career, and go to other companies at a higher post.

You should keep in touch with them on LinkedIn regularly, so you can ask for a reference or introduction in their company or their friend’s company during your future job search or even when you become an entrepreneur.


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